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Welcome to my monthly installment of blog posts based specifically on my Monthly Flower Subscription offerings.

This series of monthly posts aims at bringing awareness and knowledge to the reasoning behind my botanical choices in the monthly subscriptions and will be a good resource if you receive my subscriptions to your door and are curious about the flowers that are now in your home or if you are interested in having a peek in to the world of my Monthly Flower Subscriptions.

March 2023

This month has been unexpectedly (for me anyway) cold so I decided to go with fresh white and greens for the colour scheme of this month's bouquet to tie in to that feeling. I think this may be the first time I chose the white and green colour scheme out of all the months I have been doing this which is surprising considering it is usually the colour palette that sells out the most at my pop ups and is the most requested colour combination for weddings here on the West Coast.

The flower of the month for March is 'alstroemeria' (pronounced: AL-stro-MEER-E-a). This long lasting flower is common in mixed bouquets as it is very long lasting and fills up a lot of space. The great thing about this flower is we have a BC commercial greenhouse that grows these long stemmed beauties and so choosing it because of that factor was a big plus. Alstroemeria are also grown around the world and flown to your local flower shops but the one you received was grown just outside of Victoria, BC. 

I took off most of the leaves from the alstroemeria as I find that extra step helps to make the flower last longer. Be sure to not keep your flowers close to a fireplace or heat source and that will extend the life of your flowers. Give the stems a fresh cut every couple of days and refresh and replenish the water. If you received the Bouquet of the Month, the water will probably be used up faster because of all the stems requiring various amounts of water so just make sure it doesn't dry up (the viburnum will be very unhappy if that happens).

For my Bouquet of the Month subscribers, the entirety of the bouquet you received was grown right here in our province! The more we can support local growers, the better for our environment and for the working families around us. Plus, it's almost as fresh as you can possibly receive which means it will last longer. The alstroemeria is predominant in the design and will continue to open and come in to full blossom over the next week or more. While it's closed, notice the green and white striping on the outside of the flower which will open to showcase the white petals. You will also find such locally grown beauties as viburnum, tulips, daisy mums, and hyacinths. 

I hope that this bouquet makes you feel fresh and clear in your home this weekend. What word would you use to describe how you feel when you look at these flowers?

I hope my flowers bring you joy.



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