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Welcome to my monthly installment of blog posts based specifically on my Monthly Flower Subscription offerings.

This series of monthly posts aims at bringing awareness and knowledge to the reasoning behind my botanical choices in the monthly subscriptions and will be a good resource if you receive my subscriptions to your door and are curious about the flowers in your home or if you are interested in having a peek in to the world of my Monthly Flower Subscriptions.

February 2023

I always find February Monthly Flower Subscriptions end up being something tropical, it must be a sign that I’m needing some warmth and brightness in my life at this time of year. This February is no different than the others and I chose to bring in yellow Oncidium Orchids all the way from Thailand for my Flower of the Month subscribers. The colour yellow is bright and cheerful, something we could use at any time of year but especially as we are in the depths of winter here on the Wet Coast of Canada. Pair that colour with a delicate orchid and it was an easy choice to make – both the price, impact, and uniqueness of this flower made it a winner for this month, just be sure to keep it away from any cold draughts as it likes the warmer climes.

For my Bouquet of the Month subscribers, I put this flower central in the design and paired it with reminders of Spring; soft pink fragrant stock and BC grown purple tulips, surrounding the bouquet were swiss cheese philodendron leaves. This combination of domestic botanicals and tropical botanicals is something known in the flower world as “Tropical Nouveau”. I have always loved pairing tropicals with our everyday flowers that we get to enjoy in our area. I think it adds fun, whimsy, and makes the design distinct.

I wonder if you have ever enjoyed oncidium orchids in your home? Next time you go to your local flower shop, pick some up and let me know how they make you feel.

I hope my flowers bring you joy.



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