Do you make artificial flower crowns and wreaths?

No. I have chosen to work with fresh florals for a few reasons; I can aim to be more environmentally friendly in my use of fresh florals than artificial and I love the idea that fresh flowers are fleeting. I think it makes each piece I create unique and all that more special. I can, however, choose florals for your order that will dry well to help create a longer lasting piece for you. Do you do other workshops besides what is listed?
Yes! I am happy to discuss any ideas you may have. Let’s work to create something unique and special for your event.

How do you make an effort to help the environment?

The floral industry can be a pretty wasteful one! There are a few things I don’t have any control over, unfortunately, but what I do have control over is what I choose to incorporate in to my practices. I am committed to composting all of the organic material that I work with as I process your florals both on-site and off-site. I am also committed to not using floral foam in my work (as much as possible and where possible!). Floral foam is the green spongey stuff used to keep florals fresh in arrangements, on wedding arches, and in some garlands. It is a single time use plastic that does not break down and I believe that it has no place in a practice which is all about celebrating nature. I am constantly educating myself in how to create structures that are both beautiful for you and your guests as well as for Mother Nature by not using floral foam.

How far in advance do I need to order?

I buy my product fresh specifically for your order, so generally a couple of days is all I need to get the product for your order. I don’t often have extra product available like a regular store front would so any extra time you can give me, the better, to ensure that what you want is available and to work out details that can sometimes take time.

Can I meet with you to chat?

I don’t have a storefront to meet clients at and I also have a toddler, so scheduling meet ups doesn’t usually work out. Communication via email or social media is the best way to reach me. There can be some back and forth with this method but I find clients can send clear pictures of what they want to me and have chosen to trust me enough to do the job well.

What flowers can I choose from?

The world is your oyster…err, tulip? Basically, if you can dream it, we can make it happen! That being said, choosing flowers that aren’t readily available at certain times of the year (peonies in December, perhaps) or if they are exotic and need to be flown half way around the world means that costs will rise. If that is not an option, then we can work together to create the look you envision with flowers that will be available and in your budget. I am here to guide you with your floral choices and let you know if they are not available, if the cost is higher than you are comfortable spending, if they will do well out of water in a crown or in the heat at your summer wedding, or if there are alternatives that you may have not considered. Remember that you’re working with Mother Nature’s bounty and things happen.