“I love making flower crowns because I know that when someone wears the pieces I make, they will feel like a Queen and I believe that we are all Queens.”

Hand-crafted with flowers chosen specifically for your custom crown, I create each piece to suit your taste, style, colour requirements, and desire. They can be made to be big and bold and bright; dainty, soft, and feminine; or ideal for drying to keep everlasting. A fresh flower crown is perfect to gift to a person of any age, for any occasion.

Starting at $45, your flower crown is completely customizable and is made less than 24 hours before you will receive it.

I also adore creating other wearable flowers such as boutonnieres, floral tattoos, corsages, floral necklaces, and any other fun flower ideas you may have. Let’s make you feel like the Goddess or King that you are!

Contact me to arrange your personal quote.