Hello Flower Friends,

Welcome to my monthly installment of blog posts based specifically on my Monthly Flower Subscription offerings.

This series of monthly posts aims at bringing awareness and knowledge to the reasoning behind my botanical choices in the monthly subscriptions and will be a good resource if you receive my subscriptions to your door and are curious about the flowers that are now in your home or if you are interested in having a peek in to the world of my Monthly Flower Subscriptions.


May 2023

Well, May's weather sure is different than April's so knowing that it was going to be a hot weekend I ordered locally grown statice for this month's flower subscription. It's not a flower that will fade quickly in the warm weather we're having.

This is the nicest statice I have ever seen so we lucked out! Not only is it grown in Chilliwack BC, it's on incredibly strong stems with gigantic flower heads. The perk with statice is that it dries beautifully meaning this flower is everlasting! 

To enjoy statice, you can give it a fresh cut and place it in your favourite clean vessel filled with water. You're welcome to continuously change the water, giving the statice a fresh cut each time or you can let the water evaporate out of the vessel and in doing so, the statice will dry out - naturally. 

If you received the Bouquet of the Month subscription, your mixed bouquet is filled with fresh flowers that are all suitable for drying and enjoying for the rest of the year and beyond. These flowers are perfect for making an everlasting wreath for your bathroom or bedroom - be sure to tune in to my upcoming social media posts to see how you can make your own.

I hope you enjoy having this big bundle of blooms in your home this long weekend and that it brings joy to your heart every time you look at them.


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