Hello Flower Friends!

It's been a while ;-) 

If you have followed my social media for a couple of years or have checked out my website offerings, you would know that I offer a Monthly Flower Subscription - in fact, this is my THIRD year offering this service to the qathet Regional District. I love offering subscriptions because it truly is the gift that keeps on giving; whether you're giving that gift to yourself, to someone you love or to someone you want to thank. I also love the ease it brings of accessing flowers in your home without having to do any work - they just show up on the third Friday of every month and you get to sit back and enjoy them.

On my end, flower subscriptions take a lot of time and thought. I purposely choose every single element in that bouquet and make it unique to my committed flower lovers - it's not a bouquet that I offer as a regular item as I want it to be special for my subscribers. I have two subscription offers - Flower of the Month Club and Bouquet of the Month Club. I start by choosing what flower I want to feature for that month and that flower is chosen based on a few criteria: availability, colour, seasonality, uniqueness, price, longevity, and I always try to choose BC grown flowers, when possible. For the Bouquet of the Month Subscription, I think of a design that highlights the Flower of the Month (which is incorporated and dominant in the Bouquet of the Month). I then choose botanicals to compliment the Flower of the Month, again based on the same criteria as how I choose the Flower of the Month; availability, colour, seasonality, uniqueness, price, longevity, and choosing BC grown flowers, when possible. 

My flowers arrive from Vancouver by tug boat (!) and I get them processed and hydrated as quickly as possible so that I can get them designed and out to you by the next day; the faster I can get them in your hands, the longer you get to enjoy them! I always wrap my flowers in kraft paper because it is compostable and recyclable and I leave the bottom unwrapped so that they can go in to a container of water at your door, should you not be home when your delivery arrives. I include care instructions on every order, every month - but we'll leave that discussion for another post.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my Flower of the Month and Bouquet of the Month Subscription process. 

If you have received or sent a flower subscription, I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

If you have not received or sent a flower subscription yet, what are you waiting for? :)

I hope my flowers bring you joy.


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